About An IT Solution

Who we are

An IT Solution is a purpose and value-driven organization where everyone is empowered to take decisions in line with our culture. We provide a unique environment of freedom, flexibility & trust that allows an individuals potentials to flower; this results in tremendous growth opportunities. Such a culture, naturally, appeals to everyone. We listen, we think and we act. The IT field is all about thought leadership. We invest in thought for you as customers. We remain open; it helps us think better and differently.


With the company's inception in the year 2009 An IT Solution has set milestones in its areas of operation. It started up with the idea of providing an offshore support to its foreign clients in the area of process outsourcing.

Today An IT Solution has diversified its areas of operation in various fields which includes: The company has its best reputation in the local market and is emerging as a strong player in the industry. Our testimonials provide a better view of the services we provide.

Our Culture

The entire culture is rooted in our overall strategic objective & determines the work environment & prescribes the way we interact with our clients, partners, and each other. It ensures a high degree of alignment & cohesiveness across and among teams, fosters the best global business ethics and values, emphasizes transparency and respect for each other and brings out the latent leadership capabilities of our colleagues. The culture enables our people to be innovative, develop fulfilling careers & be incredibly effective with their clients.

Redefine & reinforce Culture

Mere words and no actions might be a quick fix solution, therefore An IT Solution has worked hard to build a strong culture which reflects the values that the company wishes to inculcate in its employees. Therefore we continuously lay emphasis on –


In the knowledge industry rigidity is a curse, flexibility is a boon and innovation is evolution. Innovation permeates our organization and is not limited to technology.


We slip and slide on the learning curve and aspire to ride the crest of the knowledge wave. Being a fun loving company we make room in our day to explore and innovate. We follow our noses and learn and also teach.

We are a well coordinated team and work like a well-oiled machine. We work on a human scale and build long lasting partnerships with our clients. Our compactness provides us the needed room and flexibility to manage our future and independence. It also provides us a strong platform to safeguard our ethics and core values.

Our Values


We are committed to world-class customer service and quality as we excel for the mutual success of our clients, employees, and partners. Our professionals are customer-driven and continually add value to our services whenever it benefits our clients. We are committed to working toward continual improvement in everything we do.


We always think outside the box to provide the best solutions for our clients. Our best solutions often evolve from discussions across different divisions and with our many strategic partners.


We realize that every employee is integral to the success of the company and strive to promote teamwork across divisional lines for the benefit of our customers. We also value our relationships with our strategic partners and recognize their importance in delivering solutions to our customers.

Honesty and Integrity

Our business is based on long-term relationships that require utmost trust. We require honesty & integrity in everything we do. We are accountable to our customers, owners, and fellow employees. We do what we say we are going to do.