Product Engineering

Today, saving money is the primary motivation for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) seeking offshore outsourcing vendor relationships. Some companies, not satisfied with potential savings of 20% to 40%, seek greater savings by opening their own offshore product Development and maintenance centers. This practice is particularly prevalent in the high-tech sector, where companies may already have offshore R&D centers, and in the financial services sector, where companies are looking to reduce costs and/or better secure their internal systems. Unfortunately, the management investment and overhead costs associated with opening a high-quality offshore product Development center that is intended to support an enterprise IT organization rarely justifies the payoff.

Companies that are interested in opening their own offshore Development centers should weigh the risks and benefits carefully and realistically before they embark on this major and, in most cases, unnecessary step. Partnering with An IT Solution for product Development helps address these issues effectively. An IT Solution provides all the desired benefits that ISVs seek including reduced cycle times, lower costs, higher quality, and rapid resource ramp up/down. An IT Solution leverages upon a wealth of experience in building and maintaining commercial software products and application platforms for global ISVs. An IT Solution offers ISVs the benefits of outsourcing, while minimizing the "hidden" costs sometimes involved in outsourcing, such as the cost of managing the work or ensuring quality.

We offer our clients:

An IT Solution offers product services under its proprietary methodology called ProCoDe (Product Co-Development). The differentiating factor of our product services is the emphasis on collaboration among clients and An IT Solution. Through this approach, An IT Solution not only offers the traditional benefits of offshoring product services but also provides the features of a captive center including total control over operations, high degree of transparency and complete protection of IP.

An IT Solution's ProCoDe services range from product application design and application Development, product quality assurance and testing, to product maintenance and support. We offer ISVs both point solutions as well as turnkey solutions, such as comprehensive user support services. We have an established process for companies seeking to establish a dedicated Offshore Development Center, allowing them to begin with project-based engagements and progress over time to managed operations in a joint venture or other structure designed to suit their needs. Taking a product from concept to reality is a complex and arduous process. An IT Solution assists ISVs in this respect by tailoring product services that best fit our clients' business requirements.

ProCoDe Spectrum:

An IT Solution has developed a detailed product road map with comprehensive service offering for each constituent. The core emphasis is on collaborative end-to-end process cycle, which leverages upon joint learning curves, while providing greater flexibility, cost advantages, and compressed time to market benefits. While certain elements of the product road map are initially more amenable for outsourcing, An IT Solution can collaborate with clients for end-to-end product services.

An IT Solution helps ISVs spend smarter and reap results better by strategically leveraging a global delivery model for product services to achieve the benefits of: Whatever the needs and timelines be, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can trust An IT Solution to deliver measurable success through product services. So, why wait contact us