Application Maintainence

Information Technology management is increasingly turn to application management to stem the flow of money into its largest financial sinkhole — the expense to maintain its existing application portfolio. Enterprises have significant investments in IT assets to execute their business and derive appropriate returns. These investments are made over a period and spread across the technology spectrum; spanning from legacy platforms to client-server system to more contemporary multi-tier browser based systems. Early application management practitioners report 10% to 30% reductions in maintenance costs and returns on project investments within 12 months.

An IT Solution helps software providers meet the challenge of ongoing product support and maintenance with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels.

With teams staffed across our U.S. and Indian (Bhartiya) Development centers, An IT Solution can serve as an extension of a client's support team, or provide turnkey, round-the-clock support services. Our staffing model, which includes a "shadow team" able to supplement the core team as necessary, provides clients with greatly enhanced flexibility in addressing special maintenance and support needs

Our application management services encompass such activities as: An IT Solution's application management outsourcing services are backed by a decade of experience, mature processes, and robust delivery systems. More important is our commitment to go beyond service level agreements (SLAs) and deliver consistent and lasting value. We do this by building long-term partnerships with our customers. An IT Solution is a flexible organization and can tailor the engagement model to suit a client's specific needs. Our offshore transition methodologies speed up knowledge transfer and ensure that clients can reap the benefits of sending applications offshore as soon as possible.

Application Management Methodology

An IT Solution follows a 4-step application management methodology for cost optimizing maintenance of applications. In step 1, we analyze and assess applications to adequately plan for effective application management. In step 2, we actively shadow the client-side environment and determine detailed SLAs. In step 3, we effectively minimize operational risks through application management takeover and finally in step 4, we monitor and regularly report on the stability and performance of the application(s) under management.

Through strong knowledge transfer processes, we thoroughly document applications and build up a knowledge base that is often better organized than what clients previously had. And we work quickly. Thanks to our strong knowledge transfer and change management core competencies, clients can start seeing savings within 4 - 6 weeks, as we mobilize high offshore staffing ratios to maximize savings. We have been able to reach 50 FTE offshore staffing levels in as little as 1 – 1.5 months, and our 24x7 sourcing capabilities ensure high resource ramp up for onsite, offshore and near-shore projects.

Once we have made the transition, our governance process ensures that we keep meeting our promises to clients. We constantly measure our performance, using firm documented metrics, to show how well we are meeting our quality, service level, and cost targets - and then use this process as a tool for continuous improvement.

Partnering with An IT Solution for application management services enable clients to: An IT Solution can grow with clients' needs. Because we specialize in highly complex long-term engagements, we are experts at managing efforts involving multiple systems, spanning multiple teams, multiple locations, and client organizations. Having made application management as a core competency through dedicated practice groups, we know how to manage and optimize situations where multiple teams are interdependent.

An IT Solution not only adheres to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA), but goes beyond them in enabling clients to reduce the Total Cost of Operations (TCO) for applications through application management services. so, why wait contact us