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dot net Development India (Bharat) In computing, Microsoft Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight. Visual Studio includes a code editor supporting IntelliSense as well as code refactoring.

The integrated debugger works both as a source-level debugger and a machine-level debugger. Other built-in tools include a forms designer for building GUI applications, web designer, class designer, and database schema designer. It accepts plug-ins that enhance the functionality at almost every level—including adding support for source-control systems (like Subversion and Visual SourceSafe) and adding new toolsets like editors and visual designers for domain-specific languages or toolsets for other aspects of the software Development lifecycle (like the Team Foundation Server client: Team Explorer).

Visual Studio supports different programming languages by means of language services, which allow the code editor and debugger to support (to varying degrees) nearly any programming language, provided a language-specific service exists. Built-in languages include C/C++ (via Visual C++), VB.NET (via Visual Basic .NET), C# (via Visual C#), and F# (as of Visual Studio 2010[3]). Support for other languages such as M, Python, and Ruby among others is available via language services installed separately. It also supports XML/XSLT, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript and CSS. Individual language-specific versions of Visual Studio also exist which provide more limited language services to the user: Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual J#, Visual C#, and Visual C++.

Our team of .Net developers has done extensive Development in ASP.NET, ADO.Net & VB.NET and C#. Our vast expertise in .Net Solutions can bring to you abundant business solutions for designing, developing and integrating this platform. Our experts here can take down and understand your requirements and demonstrate the capabilities of .NET.

Some of our core competencies in this field include: One of our core competencies lies in .Net application Development using C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net. We aim towards developing high quality secured software, highly interactive and custom build web sites using latest technologies at affordable cost. Our highly qualified .Net developers carry a vast experience with them to develop anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications using ASP.NET and they always follow latest trends in Website Programming and Software Development industry and follow latest website Development technologies like AJAX and ATLAS to make application fast and interactive.

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