Induction Training Program in Jalandhar,Punjab

Induction Training Program in Jalandhar,Punjab


Induction training provides employees with a smooth entry into the organisation by providing them with the information they require to get started.

Most of the companies take the services of an expert agency to get their manpower trained.

we provides end to end solution to train the induction Batches in Jalandhar,Punjab.

AnITSolution Jalandhar,Punjab has a proven expertise in training manpower recruited by a company.

The features provided by AnITSolution in induction training:

  • Training is part of the organisations overall planning process and is in line with its goals.
  • The organisation has a training strategy which shapes the approach to employee development.
  • Skills are planned for and addressed systematically through formal training.
  • There is a continuous cycle of training analysis, activity and evaluation.

AnITSolution Jalandhar,Punjab should satisfy two objectives during induction training :

  • The new employee who wants to be integrated into the social group of the organisation will know about the particular task that they will do within the whole system of the organisation.
  • The trainer is able to get to the trainees trained up in order to successfully integrate them into the specific area of the organisation for which the individual is being trained for.

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