Windows Server Maintenance

Windows Server MaintenanceServer maintenance involves the process of keeping a server updated and running so that a computer network can operate smoothly. Properly maintaining a server is usually the task of a network administrator, and it is vital to the performance of the network. If server maintenance is not conducted on a computer network, regardless of whether the network is small or large, application software usually will not run as well as expected. In some cases, a network may even experience total or partial network failure if proper maintenance is not conducted.

Maintaining a server requires a network administrator to conduct preventive maintenance. Essentially, this means that the administrator must review the server's performance as well as potential security risks and backup protocols at regular intervals. As part of preventative maintenance, an administrator typically ensures that automated system monitoring utilities are installed and appropriately configured. These utilities often come with the server’s hardware package.

We at An IT Solution understand the absolute necessity for keeping all of your servers online 24X7 and make them as secure as possible.

With 100% uptime, Your server(s) should be constantly maintained using superior designs and technology, guaranteeing that your sales can be made when your customers demand it or the information is available when it is required.

Without a second thought servers are the heart beat and core of every network. Whether it be your Internal Networked Server or a Web Server. Our server maintenance and management services are designed to keep your server (s) up and running 24 X 7 and ensure that the servers are always delivering expected performance to your network users.

We Offer 12-00 Noon-12:00 Midnigght IST Technical Support Availability. Our Support staff can be reached via email, support website or via telephone.

Our server maintenance and management services comprise of: We also monitor services on your server to make sure the services and server are up and running round the clock, and provide you a email or text notification when the services are down or modified.

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